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Money laundering generally involves three steps placing illicit Though the FBI has many successes investigating money laundering cases, .But, in spite of this gap and quite possibly because of it U.S. law enforcement authorities take an extremely hard line in pursuing the money laundering .Exiger s team includes not only financial investigation experts with decades of experience building and prosecuting money laundering cases, but also senior .The United States Department of the Treasury is fully dedicated to combating all aspects of money laundering at home and abroad, through the mission of the .Fighting money laundering goes hand in hand with investigating the crimes it is linked to..ICE leads money laundering and financial crime investigationsIn recent decades, U.S and Goods. Investigating Illegal Movement of People and Goods..Money laundering is the processing of these criminal proceeds to disguise their funds generated by drug trafficking and organised crimes and to investigate to .An effective AML program requires a jurisdiction to criminalise money laundering, giving the relevant regulators and police the powers and tools to investigate .Steps Law Enforcement Agencies Take in a Money Laundering Investigation. Follow the money Identify the .

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